Is digitalrev.com a reliable/reputable company to buy a DSLR from?

Found 30th Apr 2014
Looking at buying a Nikon D5200 from there, read some reviews on trustpilot.co.uk and it seems a very reputable business with prices way cheaper than high street / mainstream online retailers. I'm just a bit sceptical as it's Hong Kong based so would appreciate any experience anyone has! Here's the product I'm considering:

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Given the way their warranty page is written it sounds like grey imports to me not that it should put you off provided the warranty is actually a good working offering though you will be liable in import duty if it comes through the post

DigitalRev 12-Month Warranty

The DigitalRev 12-month warranty warrants the product to operate according to the manufacturer's specifications for the period of 1 year after the dispatch date. If your purchase suffers a manufacturer defect or fault of production, or a fault of material, then have no fear. You are covered for local servicing.

Local Servicing
Not only does our warranty cover a full 12 months, but it also allows you to get repairs and services done locally, at your convenience. This means, you won’t need to send YOUR CAMERA back to us. We will refund all services that you have to make during your 12-month warranty, as long as you provide eligible receipts. This service covers:

Parts and labour costs for the repair of a manufacture defect or fault of production, which resulted in the product malfunctioning.

Parts and labour costs for the repair of a fault of material to the product, which resulted in the product malfunctioning.

Note: Please remember that we will only be able to refund your local service charge if you provide a copy of the repair center receipt, which clearly shows they have corrected a manufacture defect, fault or fault of material to the product.

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I bought a Canon 70d from panomaz, they did grey imports like digital rev. But I got my camera for £850 compared to the £1100 uk pricing.



Check to see if your camera is cheaper there compared to digital rev, and consider saving.

I've not had to use the warranty on my purchase.

postage was free, wasn't charged a penny when it arrived either. Ordered on a Thursday night got it the next Tuesday.
Ok thank you both. Digitalrev state that any import duty or tax will be billed directly to them (hover over the price on the link) so I'm not worried about that. I checked that other site and it is marginally more expensive so looks like I'll be going with digitalrev.

...though you will be liable in import duty if it comes through the … ...though you will be liable in import duty if it comes through the post...

That's misinformation, in the rare cases where this happens they state themselves that they will pay any fees. I hardly think they'd enjoy great reviews if people were being landed with massive import fees.

Also, you'll get a Nikon Worldwide warranty. I haven't used DigitalRev for a while, but as I recall the Worldwide Warranty isn't a huge put-off. I think it might have been something like 12 months for cameras and something different for lenses, though as I say I've been out of the camera-buying game for too long to tell you solidly what it is. DigitalRev are also really helpful when it comes to returning things.

One last thing, they don't ship everything from HK. They drop-ship large quantities of their most popular stock to UK warehouses. If you choose a less-popular item then it'll most likely come from overseas, though in my experience it's always been pretty quick (nothing like eBay HK sellers).
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