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Is digitalsave.co.uk a legitimate site?

Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Just that really - they are selling apple ear pods (the very basic ones) at half the price so wondered if (a) site is ok and ( b) they are real headphones digitalsave.co.uk/ear…BwE

Thank you.
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Company disclosures and contacts appear legit; refund/exchange policy seems to conform to current legislation; terms appear reasonable at first glance. If it's a spoofed or hijacked site site it is not obvious where the benefit to the source of the spoof or hijack lies.
No idea about the legitimacy of the products, with or without retail box.
According to Whois.com The website was registered 9/11/2012
Scamadviser shows a high trust rating and also owners name and UK address.
Digital Save Ltd is registered with Companies House and details match those as the owner of the website and the website home page.
I would say legitimate, although no idea as to the company’s service and fulfilment record.
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Thanks - have now checked this out on trust pilot - seem to have quite a lot of "don't work" reviews so think will give it a miss. Thank you for your replies.
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