Is ebuyer a legit site and the tv a good deal

Posted 8th Dec 2022 (Posted 17 h, 5 m ago)

I am not sure if ebuyer is legit, I found this TV which look nice for the price. What do you think?…60b
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    ebuyer is legit, customer service isn't great but they're not a scam site
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    ebuyer is legit
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    If you ever want to check about how legit a site is, just search for it on here and read comments
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    EBuyer has been my go-to company for tech for years now. I’ve always been very happy with their service.

    I won’t make a comment on the TV though. Samsung QLED TVs left a bitter taste in my mouth after getting a previous model that was plagued with motion judder issues that Samsung acknowledged but ultimately never bothered to roll out a fix for.
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    Been in business well over 20 years, but it has been a long time since I bought from them. Used to be very good, but no idea now. I know they were banned from here for self promotion.
    I believe that the person who founded Hygenia kitchens was involved in their set up. (edited)
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    Ebuyer, definitely legit. Been buying from them over 10 years. Not just as much recently, probably because Amazon is so dominant.
    Bought alsorts, monitor, keyboard, memory and even power socket extensions. Last thing I bought last year actually, it was a tall standing fan. They were the cheapest at the time for that particular one
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    Got stuff from them on and off for 20 odd years, not so much in recent times though.

    Their support and RMA service is where you might possibly run afoul though. The infamous Ebuyer Christmas photo with a league table for RMA rejections in the background is something many of us won't forget in a hurry.
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    Yes! Let's hope the OP doesn't have to attempt to return a faulty product....…es/
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    eBuyer is definitely legit. Been around a long time. Bought many things from there.
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