Is EE still that much better than o2 / vodafone when in London?

Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 14 h, 30 m ago)
I'm currently on EE paying 11 for about 10gb a month (pay monthly)
Thinking nows the probably time to get a better deal since im on pay monthly anyway, I was hesitant to switch away but is the coverage on EE really that much better in London compared to say, vodafone or o2? EE black friday deals are pretty bad so was gonna look around for the best price for a 20gb plan or around that
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    Having been on both and currently on o2 i would say EE is much better coverage and speeds everywhere in the UK. I travel a fair amount for work and live in West London and there are numerous places i lose signal with o2. I didnt have the same issues with EE

    I moved because o2 still offered roaming in the EU but when my current sim only is up with o2 i will be moving back to EE and just pay the roaming £2 a day charge. Even Priority on o2 is not the benefit it used to be.

    5G on o2 is non existent if that is relevant to you.
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    15GB for £10 or 30GB for £12 with Plusnet who use EE signal if you want to stick with them.

    Look at RootMetrics independent testing of the networks and EE still come out on top for London.

    O2 and Three are terribly congested and probably still going to be an awful experience compared to EE. But Vodafone arent that far behind EE.

    TalkMobile is owned by Vodafone and has 5G, WiFi calling, EU Roaming and the like all included. They have some really good deals if you go via USwitch. 30 day contracts too so easy to leave if you find it’s not for you.
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    In Southwest London, EE rarely works inside major shopping centres but both O2 and Vodafone work fine. Three is hit or miss.
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