Is Everest a good mattress?

Found 16th Mar 2013
Hi I hope this is the right forum? I am looking for a mattress and I wandered into a second hand shop, and saw a new memory foam double mattress with springs in as well by Everest. My old mattress is slowly wearing out and I can feel the springs a bit now and it twangs from time to time (not often). The mattress is priced at £175.00 with £35 delivery. althrough the woman whom I next saw quoted £25.

I have curvature of the spine and I do sometimes get achy hips in the morning so I don‘t want it too hard. Please can you advise me, my dad wants me to save my money and go for something a bit cheaper. But I am not going to get any better then that. I have laid on it and it felt weird because of the clear plastic covering that was still on it.

I have seen one at £299 at another shop which was by a manufacturer called Viscount, but I liked that one because the cellophane wasn’t on it and I could feel it properly.

Can you advise me what I should do please? Sorry if this is a silly question? Many thanks for reading this post.
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Never buy a used mattress.. really unhealthy..
they have hypnia 12 inch thick memory foam mattresses with free pillows and free delivery on ebay for around 130 a double , brand new.. do a seach.
It's a new mattress you've seen, still in it's original packaging right?
I've had a quick look on the inernet and i think brand new you could find an everest double orthopeadic mattress for £149, and the memory foam ones for £219.99 with free delivery.
Can't find any reviews though.
Mattressess are like shoes, only you know if they're comfy or not.
I've never heard of everest. So unfortunately can't tell you if they are good or not.
Don't be tempted just because of the price though, just remember you need to get a good nights sleep. Try a quick calculation, the number of years you expect the matress to last, convert it into days then divide the matress cost by the number of days and then that will give you a true reflection of what you good night's sleep is going to cost you.
In your case about 10p a night or less.
Just give thought whether or not you're going to get a good night's sleep for 10p.

It's a new mattress you've seen, still in it's original packaging right?

Yes, both were.

Hi thanks for your answers. I went back this afternoon for another try. and found the Duchess mattress softer then the Everest memory foam, anyone heard of Duchess mattress?

I could get the Duchess and get a memory foam topper. What do you think guys?
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