Is everywhere open tomorrow?

    As above my lovies!



    Not everywhere.

    Bank hol.

    I thought it was the opposite, everything was closed.

    Albeit I did see some a couple of food markets open on Christmas day when going up to parents.

    clinton cards is open by me! They had a sign in the window, i would think most places would be open but just on sunday trading hours

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    okay, wasnt too sure, shops were closing really early today near me, so wondered for tomorrow

    I dont see why not, it may be a bank holiday but I always thot that was for banks. Businesses can still trade in the new age world without a bank being open!!!

    Anyhoo, I'd imagine that if businesses can get people to work and have the money to pay them the rates for working a holiday then places will be open. Prob not for the full hours though.

    Currys stores.
    10-5 for us
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