Is famous and fearless the worst programme on tv at the moment?

    I cannot not believe there is a second programme on.


    wouldnt now dont watch crap

    Terrible isn't it!


    Claire Boulding is so funny in this.

    What an idiot.

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    roll on the big fat quiz

    Eastenders trumps it in bad stakes.

    **** and Pregnant?

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    watching big fat quiz that double rainbow clip a classic

    Dancing on Ice starts Sunday. Just as bad......................

    Hate all this crap nowadays
    With the magic show thing on BBC
    Even xfactor is really boring apart from audition stage fails
    Bring back the days of generation game bullseye and gladiators without Ian wright

    as long they have viewers....this kind of crap shows will GO ON...
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    I don't honestly know. Can it really be any worse than Coronation Street, Eastenders & Neighbours

    I wanted to like it cos its hosted by chris evans, thought it might be fun.
    But after 30 minutes I turned it off... thought i did well to last that long oO
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    Why keep watching it then? Two threads on the programme in 24 hours suggests you're a closet fan


    Caught half hour of this and have to agree, what an awful idea terribly executed!!

    I am still waiting for the famous people. Not the ones who's carear came to an end 5 years ago

    Half arsed celebrities, shoddy timing and presenting with it being live.. Nah, not for me.

    The idea isn't bad, but they just aren't in any danger, I stopped watching after the first half hour of the first show, but I saw the opening last night, they were doing a rollerblading race, it's pretty tame even for kids, hows about getting em boxing each other for 3 minutes or something, I mean there has to be something, I can't believe how pathetic it is.

    The advert had Chris Evans doin motorcross, what did they do in the show - BMX ing over little humps, it's a joke.
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