Is FIFA 13 ultimate edition worth it?

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Found 20th Aug 2012
After seeing that the ultimate edition purchasers will receive 24 gold packs worth about 60p each , each pack will only have one rare.

Is it worth it ?
Last year i bought ultimate edition and my best players were reyes and an inform russian,

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yes for a extra fiver

if you are pre-ordering then yes. However, if like me you are going at midnight or on the day the deals will be better than paying for the pre-order (the UE is only available via preorder IIRC.)

For example,

if pre-ordering you will be paying (rough estimate prices from memory):
Normal - £42
Ultimate edition - £47

Last year i think i paid around £15-£20 from tesco.

However i did have staff discount from my family, without this it would have been about £20-£25.

Before people tell me i am wrong, i used a coupon from the newspaper that day (bought 10 minutes before starting to queue) and it was in conjunction with the buy another xbox chart game offer. I got f1 and sold it the next day for the price i paid.

Sorry for the verbal barrage, hope it helps!
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Ultimate team edition is £39.99 with free delivery on sainsburys website

No it's not . When ever I play ultimate team it turns in to an addiction . I spend all my money looking for a Messi or Ronaldo and after I have spent thousands of pounds and not got **** , I realise how much I have spent and in a feeble attempt to claw some money back , I put my team on Ebay and end up getting 20 quid . Stay away , it's worse than heroin .

quick question

when this is out does that mean all that money people spent on ultimate team for fifa 12 becomes useless ?

i must admit i have watched some crazy videos on youtube

just type in fifa ultimate team, there are actually people who start crying just coz thery get say inform messi

i dont understand how this trade carding (ultimate team) can be fun and exciting...


i dont understand how this trade carding (ultimate team) can be fun and … i dont understand how this trade carding (ultimate team) can be fun and exciting...

its a very clver move by EA, think of it like a virtual version of trading cards or stickers

back in the day when you went and bought stickers you got thrills at getting shinys as they were called this is no different

you just HAVE to spend another 60p on another pack just incase

luckly i dont really buy or play football games is im pretty rubbish, however i can kinda see the attraction to this

id EA did this kinda thing to say WWE 13 where it was wrestlers that you got that were in form etc or LEGEND wrestlers that were the gold cards id be as hooked as these people

If you play ultimate team then its a good deal however if you dont then its not.

Personally have never bothered with that side of FIFA, much rather just play online vs people with the normal teams.

I've bought the Ultimate Edition from Sainsburys and paid about £4/5 more than it will be on release. If I don't reap the benefits of the UT packs then so be it, for a fiver I won't lose any sleep
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