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Is Frylight Cooking Spray Oil A Good Healthy Option To Use For Cooking???

Posted 16th Oct 2012
Just wanted to know if using frylight is good for cooking compared to using a little sunflower or olive oil. I put up a post that tescos are selling the olive oil and sunflower oil variants for £1.50 each at the moment on offer.

Got a couple of negative feedbacks that it is not good to use frylight due to possible chemicals being used to make such a product. Not that I am doubting their judgement, just need a few more feedbacks in order to make a decision whether to buy frylight or not. Thanks guys.
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Waste of time in my opinion, it is basically sunflower oil with an additive, so you might as well chuck sunflower oil in a spray, most of the time if you need oil in the pan it will be for sticking issue in which case you will need more anyway.
I use it, 1 spray is nowhere near enough but even with 10 sprays it's still no where near as bad as normal cooking oils but yeah that is down to it being nearly 50% water.

Best thing to do is not use any, either dry fry or steam.

I use it, and find it great for spraying on things I am grilling....potato wedgies, fish, roast veggies etc. It stops food drying out without covering in oil.

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