Is Gamestation being fair? Are they lying?

My XBOX 360 recently started to lock up and its getting the e74 error. Took it with me to gamestation and they said if anything is wrong you'll have to go to Microsoft. But doesnt the sales of good act state the the seller must correct the fault? should they providea replacement?



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How do u know that mate?

It is easier to phone the 0800 number and get it collected and returned by courier...

Gamestation do not have to refund or replace after 28 days.

They will, if you push it, take it in, log a call to microsoft and have it swapped out.

But you are likley to be waiting longer, and they will take the 1 month free code that comes back from the repairer... I know I would...

Just phone the 0800 number or log the repair on the MS site.

In the first year you can insist the retailer deals with it. They are obliged to refund, replace or repair but since they stopped swapping out boxes all they will do is have it sit in the store until someone gets MS to collect it. It would be quicker to go direct to MS, they turn around in a few days now and you could be playing again inside a week.

Prob easier to follow the Microsoft route but............

"Sorry, its outside the warranty period" is something you hear too often.

Guarantee and warranty are terms often used incorrectly, and the time limits set can be an excuse not to help you. For some reason we all think a guarantee or warranty lasts just 12 months, and then we are on our own. Well some very annoyed and determined people have fought their way through this customer service wall.

Back in 1999 the European Parliament decided to set a common guarantee period for consumer goods, and set it at two years, yes 2 years. Some manufacturers give a longer period, and thank you very much to them, but the minimum is two years.

DIRECTIVE 1999/44/EC is the official title. It applies to consumer goods sold within Member States. Consumer goods includes everything bought by a consumer for private, that means non-business, use. The only exceptions seem to be gas, electricity and water when provided as a utility. Contain those items in some way and they become consumer goods.

Next time you are told you are out of warranty or guarantee just print off this Directive. Read it over the counter to your supplier until you bore them to death. Its not a great read, but a very useful one.

............and there's always the good ol Sale of Goods Act
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