Is Gamestation extra Trade-in credit still on?

as title, are they still giving "extra" on their trade ins? Has anyone taken advantage so they know whether its any good?


I think it's still on but I rarely trade anything in. They did however match CEX for me when I wanted to buy Bioshock the other day.

I thought it was extra cash not extra trade, as black ops was 34 cash the other day!

trade in store credit - price match cex (with proff) + £1
trade in for cash- 50% extra on there normal cash offer

Confirmed - Black Ops £34 cash today at gamestation.

Anyone know the GT5 trade value? or if the black ops trade is higher than the cash value?

slighty off topic, but GAME is offering £20 TRADE IN for Red Dead Redemption on XBOX - Argos are selling it for £15 Pre-Owned

Not really sure if thats a good deal

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