Is Gameyeeah ok and do they charge delivery to UK?

Questions in the title - I'm considering buying an M3 Real or Supercard from Gameyeeeah but want to know how much delivery is and if they are any good.



Why don't you ask them?

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About Delivery? Can't find a link on the site about it.


About Delivery? Can't find a link on the site about it.

That would tell me all I needed to know about dealing with them personally.

Edit: I found this on the site, I can't decipher it, but peruse at your leisure:…v=0

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Looked at the link and decided to sign up with them so I could get through the checkout.
Told me how much the shipping was then :

HK Register Air Mail
8-16 business days Delivery, Tracking Number Available. $7.90

DHL Rates
Express 3-5 Days Shipping, Tracking number Available GB : 0.28 lb(s) $22.50

TNT Economy Express
Economy Express, Insurance, Tracking number Available GB : 0.28 lb(s) $25.00

Would probably go for the HK Register Air Mail then.

Wait one second - is this Hong Kong Dollars?

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woops it says USD lol

this site is fine m8 i use it all the time and never had any problem and the delivery is great as well as long as they have what you want in stock it will usually reach you within the week
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