Is Glacier Shield Insulation warm enough (for a kid) even on a lightweight coat?

Posted 13th Dec 2022

I bought my kid a Reebok lightweight coat with the tag (pic. attached) Glacier Shield Insulation. Does this provide warmth like a normal "heavy" coat? It made sense at the shop but now I am having doubts about sending my primary school kid wearing this while not sure about the degree of warmth provided.

Thank you
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    Anonymous User
    I have no personal experience. I think the hint is in the warmth to weight ratio it mentions i.e. it gives great warmth for its light weight (so a heavier coat may give greater warmth). An Amazon reviewer of Reebok Glazier shield insulation coats in America said 'Don’t expect a real warm jacket here, but for fall (autumn) days & cool spring nights, this is a trendy & stylish option'. Perhaps someone else has experience of using Reebok Glazier shield insulation coats in the Winter months.
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    EnaHia Author
    Exactly my thoughts. I will definitely return it. Thank you for your input.
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    If you're having doubts you already know the answer to the question.

    From the info on the tag it doesn't sound like it will be the warmest option. If you're aiming for them to be as warm as possible in winter you should probably find something else. (edited)
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    EnaHia Author
    I agree. I am going to return it. Thank you.
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    Just return it, school age kids never wear coats anyway 😁
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