Is GLS post buying a new scam?

Posted 28th Jul 2022
So I've been contacted by several different people offering to buy a few items I have on FB marketplace via 'GLS Express delivery'. They then go on to explain that a postie would come to me with an envelope of physical money then I can pass him the item, where they would then deliver that to the recipient.

I've never heard of this before, is this legit or some sort of a new scam?
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  1. kos1c's avatar
    Reading this could be one of two scams

    One the GLS email wants an upfront payment to cover insurance. So you pay and loose money.

    Or two;

    The GLS is a real service. You give details. They pick a delayed collection day (say next week Friday) and they send someone else over to collect the item. When the real delivery driver arrives he leaves empty handed. Allowing the scammer to claim no collection of the item and getting their money back.
  2. sm9690's avatar
    If you have to ask if it's a scam, it's probably a scam.
  3. kos1c's avatar
    I'd entertain the convo more to see how you'd be out of pocket an item or "an upfront fee"

    Only thing I can work out is they will tell you need to pay an upfront fee. Or counterfeit money on collection.
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    GLS Post = Gotta Love a Scam Post
  5. hc4eva's avatar
    Common scam, usually UPS I think but same thing.
    Report and block them.
  6. mdubs's avatar
    Yes its a scam, have some fun and give them an address like 10 downing street or 221b baker street and say no one arrived, (edited)
  7. Jibbering_Gerbil's avatar
    I have just gone through the same "loop" as Calmer Chameleon; buyer via FB. Checked with GLS website and saw they DO NOT charge insurance fee up front it's provided free of charge, and, the English in the "GLS email" was appauling.
    Checked with my bank's fraud people and they said it had all the hallmarks of a scam (well spotted!).
    Another "Red Flag" was the extreme reluctance of the "buyer" to provide any contact details. Even a courier company needs a delivery address!
  8. Jibbering_Gerbil's avatar
    Oh yeah nearly forgot, using the GLS Tracker, it BOUNCED" the supposed transaction reference number - NOT RECOGNISED! 😁
  9. Jibbering_Gerbil's avatar
    If you get a suspect scam email report it to the following -:
    That will really "throw a spanner" in the little scheme/s. 😁
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