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Is Gumtree full of scammers?

Posted 29th Jul 2011
Placed an ad on gumtree yesterday to sell something & so far have had 5 replies...

1. I have read the conditions of this item, kindly email the price for further transaction.

2. is this item in good condition?

3. Is this item still available for sale?

4. is this item in good condition?

5. Hello,
I would like to know if you still have the presented item available for sale.
I am interested in buying it and also wishes to know your means of payment.
I pay through PayPal.
Thank you.

Now all of these seem dodgy (except maybe #3) as they don't mention what the item is & they just seem to automated in order to get me to email back. So how do these scams work, or am I being paranoid?
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