Is gumtree safe to buy??

Found 9th Jan 2011
how safe is to buy from gumtree. i'm looking to buy iphone from there. what is the safest way of payment.
any help will be appreciated.
many thanks
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Scamtree so beware - it's so hard to moderate.
It's ok for some things but I wouldn't buy a phone off there.
Don't do it.
Either you will not get the phone, or if you do in a months time the person who sold it to you will claim on insurance saying it was lost or stolen and your phone will be blocked and not work.
I have bought quite a few things off gumtree and never had a problem.Although I wouldn't buy anything electrical!
collection only, never do paypal posting the item
also if you accept think to yourself, if you lost all the money, or the item was broken would it matter?

example, dont buy a £300 iphone
Went to see a car ~ said it was brand new with air con and electric windows and had an excellent price tag .... Took me two hours to get there to view had a dent ,no air con and manual windows !!!....and the owner wasn't even there, got his friend to show me it !!....First time i used gumtree....NEVER again!!!.........oO

It's not safe buying a second hand phone from anywhere nevermind gumtree.

^^ this ^^
[/quote]I would have made it two dents.[/quote]

Was going to..... on his bloody face!!!...i was well ***** thats why he got his friend to do the dirty work.!!
The only good thing, is i went on to buy a Brand new car with my choice of leather seats, sick of timewasters!!
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I bought a sealed iphone 4 a week before christmas it's now unlocked was locked to o2,I met in person for the deal the guy seemed genuine so i parted £340 for it.
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