Is halfcost a safe site?

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    Yes it is indeed

    Halfcost i know a good few people from here have bought from them

    i heard their security is also half

    Don't know if this is any help,
    yes they are a safe site, I have bought from them, after finding out about them
    from this forum, as far as i am aware they are a part of studio cards I think.
    I had no problems with my order whatsoever.

    i have had no problems just a slow slow site.

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    hows delivery + who delivers?


    hows delivery + who delivers?

    I couldn't tell you who does their delivery service,
    but I placed my order on the Saturday evening,
    and it was with me on the Wednesday. :thumbsup:

    delivery freakin LONGGGGG

    i cant remember who delivers but its a courier.

    Decent prices on what they have
    Pretty limited stock &/or sizes
    Very slow site (at times, sometimes just regular slow)
    Courier delivered, but can't recall who
    Poor picking (had issues with a couple of orders missing items)
    Decent customer service (sorted the missing items fairly quickly)

    I'd happily use again but due to del charge, only worth it if there are a few items you fancy
    (or one with a very good discount)

    Well I just tried to place an order yesterday, came up with a message try again, after entering my card details, which i did, same thing again so I thought better check my account and sure as hell they debited my account twice without processing the order.

    Rang up customer service and they said they will call back, not heard from them. Sent an email no reply.

    They screwed my first and only order up, sending some wrong items and not sending other items at all. emails were made to customer service, nothing ever came of them.

    I won't order from them again. I wouldn't recommend them.

    anyone have a fax no. for this company or a geographic land line no. Thanks


    got my recent order yesterday.

    absolutely amazing value

    Meat / bread slice for £4.99 (cheapest elsewhere is £20+)

    123 piece art set in wooden box for £4.99. couldnt believe how good the qaulity was (oils, crayons, brushes). the box alone would make a great backgammon box

    anyone have a fax no. for this company or a geographic land line no. Thanks
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