is hotmail playing up tonight

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Found 5th Feb 2008
ive try to get my e mails but cant log in

is there any other way of getting my e mails

p.s im on a mac not pc

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I'm fine!:thumbsup::-D

its been happening to me a bit the last few days, try Firefox, or IE vice versa

Mine's fine too.

Have you tried restarting your pc or router.

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just reset my mac still playing up

it was doing at work

Is Wanadoo/Orange your ISP? Just that recently I've had a problem with Wanadoo and hotmail...

I run a Mac and Windows (XP PRO) network at home and it's both tonight. On Windows it actually said that the server was having problems "try again later" so its not a router or LAN or ISP problem but the originating server (rebooting your Mac wont help).

Don't forget that XBox Live is now tied into Hotmail and MSN so that's potentially a whole lot more people around the world banging away at once.

P :thumbsup:

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thanks for that mate


No problemo - when you going to support a proper team erm like Leeds LOL

Only kidding
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