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Posted 11th Jan 2023 (Posted 17 h, 4 m ago)
I've checked scamadvisor etc and they say it is highly trusted but is there anything to be worried about when watching videos from here?

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    You are absolutely correct in your attempt to determine if any given unfamiliar site is genuine or not, to ensure it isn't a site ladened with malware.

    BiliBili is actually the 34th most popular web site, making it more visited than for example, Microsoft, eBay, and BBC.

    BiliBili is a Chinese website comparable to YouTube, and as @Mrcrazyman69 stated BiliBili's ADR is listed on the NASDAQ.

    But a word of warning – being a Chinese website, just like TikTok, BiliBili will be actively attempting to track and monitor you movements on the net with its nefarious snooping technology, with the intention of building a profile of you net interactions. Data snooping will no dou6 be involved.

    You may have heard last week about the enforced ban of TikTok in 20 US states on government-issued devices applicable to state government agencies, employees, and contractors.

    Just like Fakebook, the Chinese tech companies cannot be trusted with users' data.
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    It's just a video sharing platform based in Shanghai. Looks to be pretty much an Asian version of YouTube. Don't click on any links and I'm sure you'll be fine. It's even listed on NASDAQ. I think you're worrying too much
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