Is it 10 bit HDR?

Found 12th Nov 2016
From what I can see no other site refers to the TV as 10 bit, but John Lewis is stating that it is...
The price seems pretty low considering if it is?

Here's the link to the set:…328
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This has 10bit HDR which has can display 4 times as many colours as 8 bit. This is not a cheap price for a HDR TV.
It's an 8 bit that has Frame rate control that gives it the colour pallets of a 10 bit it does not say on the JL page it is 10 bit it says has 10 bit colour depth which technically it does.The only surefire way to get a 10 bit TV is to look for Premium UHD certification JL do display this on the applicable TV's.
Best to Google search a few forums to check.. If it does state 10bit hdr that should be linked to the panel
10-bit vs. 8-bit plus dithering is a very minor concern on a 49" UHD TV at normal viewing distances. Reviews say that the Sony XD80 is almost perfect in that area (bit depth affects banding).

If HDR is your primary concern than the major issue with the Sony XD80 is the low peak brightness of 375cd/m² and the complete lack of local dimming.

You really need to be stepping up to the next model up in the range, the XD93, to get the real HDR experience. Sony have something of a price gap there though so it's over double the price and you may want to look at alternatives like the Samsung KS7000/KS7500 if that's too much.
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