Is it a NAS that i need?


    I have a usb port on my samsung LED tv. I wish to use this and attach it to a hdd however i want to be able to access the hdd from my main pc to add items without having to disconnect the hdd from the tv evertime i wish to add.

    Therefore is it a NAS that i need or is there a hdd enclosure that has dual usb ports or an ethernet port as well?


    You need a nas imo.

    Oh, and make sure the usb port on the TV is actually for media input and not just a firmware update one.

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    the usb port is for media, unlike some of the lg's u dont need to hack it.

    I was hoping there was a cheaper option......... OH WELL!

    I doubt a NAS is going to help you here as the TV is using a USB port, not a network port which is what would be required to access a NAS device (Network Attached Storage). Although some hard drive devices have both ethernet and USB connections I've not seen any that can work in both USB slave mode and ethernet at once, it's usually one or the other.


    Scrap a NAS. Just get an Acer Revo - install XBMC and access that wirelessly from your PC/Laptop to add/remove media. (or just stream the media with a certain XMBC plugin).
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