Is it against the rules/terms/law to start a new policy with same insurer

Found 13th Feb 2011
Basically my renewal for car insurance is due and the renewal is £1599 but if I do it through their website its only £810 with exactly the same details.
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Ring them, tell them about the quote on the site, and they should just give you that one instead!
I do it every year with LV, then I get the cashback.
Never had a problem and state LV was my previous insurer when they ask on the questionnaire.
Did this last month with our motorbike problem at all
Legal but a lot of companies will not even quote you until your old policy expires + however long it takes them to update the system (could be a matter on months). Basically to stop you doing this. Used to be you could ring up and tell them you wanted the "new customer" price and they would just start a new policy but a lot of them have stopped this.
As above nothing illegal about it.

I work for Tesco Home Insurance on the retentions line and at the moment if you're a new business customer you get 50% off. We can't compete with that therefore when a customer mentions it we just explain they can go online and take it out themselves but we can't price match it or anything. Its a shame being loyal to a company often results in you being shafted these days.
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