Is it better to buy euros here or take cash and exchange there?

Found 1st Dec 2009
I have always bought euros before going away but have noticed that some people take cash and then exchange it where they are staying. Anyone know what is the best to do. Obviously I want the best rate possible.
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ive always found it best here, but then again havent change any up in a while im afraid.
With most currencies it's usually better buying when you get there, as the GBP is a strong currency and attractive to money exchangers.
However i don't know about Euro's as that is also a strong currency
Neither, I used a prepaid credit card.

I loaded up so much on there and then used internet cafe's to put more on from my own bank account whilst abroad. That means you will only have enough on there for what you need and if someone steals it or clones it etc, they will only get what you last put on.

Go through MSE - I think they still give you the card for free if you put a tenner on:…rds

I was just in dublin and we got a better exchange here than we did over there
I travel extensively on work to Holland and Germany and I can say that 99% of the times, the rates I've got here are much better than the ones I saw there... However even here, I see quite a lot of difference between Post office, M&S, Tesco, The Travel Shop and Thomas Cook which are the only options I have where I live... In my experience, best thing to do is to watch the rates over 2-3 days between all your options and then decide on where to buy.... The rate you get on the day is down to market conditions so you wont have much control there..

Also, in my experience, the travel money exchange shops in the airport are better than the ones at my destination but not competitve with the high street rates...

Hope this helps...
The best possible way to exchange pounds to Euro's is to use a Nationwide Flexaccount Debit Card in a ATM in Europe.

You will get the best rate available.
check here for best rates compared before you go

but its like anything the rate could go up or down generally ive had the best rates exchanging sterling but my last trip to amsterdam couple of months ago the rate dropped and would of been better changing before going......that is the only time ive been worse off and only by a couple of pence tbh

i always just take hard cash and cards for back up
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