is it chaper to get money out of a cash point in Ireland or get cash exchanged here first

    Going to Ireland and want to know which one we are better to do....get money exchanged before we go....or just get the money out at the cashpoint in Dublin airport?

    Help greatfully received


    Like the Irish accent in the title.

    Totally depends which card you've got.

    Until recently Nationwide card was best, but they have started charging a fee in Euroland for cash withdrawals or current conversions.

    Even so, it is often best to pay for as much as possible on your credit / debitr cards as they give a better rate of exchnge than currency exchange places.

    e.g. recently got 1.21 euros to pound on card when statement came as opposed to 1.1 if I had converted pounds to euros.

    Check current card rates on moneysavingexpert.

    Use pre-loaded cards very carefully - some charge tyou to top up / get a refund.

    And finally - take twice what you were intending to. It's bloody expensive over there at the moment - far more than rest of eurozone.


    halifax clarity card is best

    halifax clarity card is best

    If you are going somewhere which accepts Mastercard....

    But it is NOT GOOD for taking cash out of ATMs - never do that with ANY credit card.
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