Is it cheaper to go to Vegas during the weekday?

    Is it true hotels and motels jack up their prices to $200 a night even at motel 6s at the weekend?

    Can anyone recommend a dirt cheap motel/hotel nearish the strip?


    If you go on the website for hotels on the strip they have an interactive calendar with room rates and availability on most of them. Rates are actually quite good as they want you there to spend cash. When I went with a large group a few years ago some stayed in the New York New York as it was quite cheap and I stayed in the MGM opposite as it had larger rooms for the price. If I had to go again I would probably go for somewhere nearer the Mirage and Treasure Island, maybe the Venetian


    Yes it is cheaper to stay in Vegas midweek (Its something to do with people going to work and using vegas as a source or entertainment........ supply and demand and all that.)

    not completely true, prices do jump up at the weekend.

    some of the strip hotels will still be around $100 at the weekend.

    I've stayed in the orleans, which is ok and pretty cheap - just off-strip

    There are glitch's on the some of hotels booking systems from time to time.

    The Aria last week was allowing booking through based on the start days price for the whole stay.
    So if you booked starting on say a Tuesday at £129 and the price changed day by day to a max of something like $190 at the weekends, it would just charge you $129 for every day !!

    Nice. . .
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