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Is it common a Steam iron giving burning smell, Smoke on first use?

Posted 2nd Jun 2013
Brought a Steam Iron from Tesco yesterday and When I plugged in first time today it is generating smoke...

Is this common?
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did you fill it with water yet ?
are you mistaking the steam for smoke ? I know your not stupid but a new iron at first when the steam is on can smell odd - it will go after a while .

if you put it on the stea option by mistake and there was no / little water this could do it .

If filled with water and it still continues to do so return it .
I never heard of this, would probably bring it back and get another one, you just can't be to careful.
I've been looking for a new iron and on the description of quite a few it said that it is common for them to give off smoke on their first use but it should clear within a few minutes
It is usually recommended to switch to non steam for a few mins, efore adding water and changing to steam. If not happy Take it Back.

You may notice a slight odour or minor smoke emission when you first use … You may notice a slight odour or minor smoke emission when you first use this iron - which should disappear after a few minutes.

From: idealworld.tv/Ste…spx
No water filled... The Iron Just connected and It is generating Some smoke and It is a deep burning smell. I know This could be the first time coil is heating up, But I am not expecting smoke.... They have not mentioned this in the user manual any where...
well if its a steam iron and you have no water in It what do you expect ? you need to fill water in it
Exchanged with a new one, No Smoke when connected. So the first one is faulty
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