is it easy to replace an iphone 5 screen?

    obviously , i would like to avoid the £60 charge that is average for this type of repair. But i dont really want to completely ruin my phone. i just wondered if anyone has done this before and is it easy or a nightmare lol



    I wouldn't do it but that's because I would be scared I would break it!
    I sent my sons phone to be repaired as the screen was smashed to a seller on eBay and it was fixed for £18.

    It's an iPhone 4 though so not worth much but thought it was worth a shot for £18 and it works perfectly

    I'm sure it won't be the best quality parts but as its old it's fine.

    I did it with no experience following a youtube video. You can get screens from eBay for around £20 with the fitting kit. Was very surprised how easy it was

    iphone 5 is a easy fix using 'you tube' just watch a few videos first and like Dan maytee said it's only around £20 so cheap enough if you fail first time around.
    I fix screens for friends and family but always warn them I might mess it up but lucky never have, the only one iphone I hate doing is the iPhone 4/4s because you have to take the whole phone apart just to get to the screen.

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    ok thanks guys i may give it a go then

    it's very easy to do, follow the instructions on the very many tutorials on youtube…906

    It looks to be a lot easier doing that over the iPhone 4s.
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