Is it ethical to buy Stingray leather?

Posted 16th Aug 2008
Seen a wallet I quite like made of this.

However I have a nagging thought in the back of mind that it is not ethical - however I don't know why?

It's no worse than 'regular' leather, is it?
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It depends, leather is a by-product of the meat industry, If stingray's are being killed for their 'hide' then It's un-ethical - imo anyway
Dont think even Steve Irwin would like that
I'm still in doubt so I'm going to give it a miss!
Probably wouldn't look as good in real life anyway.
If you like it go for it! as long as its legal to buy.
someone just had to mention steve irwin didn't they? :roll:

someone just had to mention steve irwin didn't they? :roll:

Obviously :thumbsup:

You got a picture of the wallet?
I think I'd assumed it was a by-product from a country where they eat stingray, but even then I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Plus I guess I can't be sure it is a by-product, so I'm going to definitely steer clear.
wonder if it has the sting attached, would be a surprise for pickpockets,lol
It might smell a bit fishy!!!
From Phantom of the Deep to Fall Fashion, Ecologically Low Impact Exotic Stingray Leather Ascends to High Fashion in the U.S.A.

Primordial and predator resistant stingray has just risen from winged phantom of the deep to high fashion. The exotic beauty and primitive power of these ancient, mysterious creatures just recently surfaced in the United States. And remarkably, these products are environmentally and internationally friendly. The exotic leather goods for men and women — ]stingray leather wallets, ]stingray leather belts, ]stingray leather handbags, ]stingray leather briefcases, ]stingray leather accessories, and much more — are an international business venture originating in Asia but developed by a new American company, ]Rojé, which handles all of the design, marketing and distribution.
The project benefits the rural Southeast Asian economy and its people - fishermen, manufacturers and related workers, without threatening these 200 million year old evolutionary wonders of the sea. ]Stingrays remain abundant, free living populations. These are not captive bred farms, a practice commonly used in producing other exotic leathers. Rojé's stingrays are only caught for food, a significant source of protein for the local people. The skins, unbelievably tough and difficult to work with, are merely a by-product and would normally be wasted. But Rojé's Thai manufacturer and skilled craftsmen convert these durable, puncture and water resistant skins into very useful and attractive exotic leather goods — for the benefit of an international community of people.
]Background and Stingray Leather History - Since ancient times the mystique of the stingray has captivated overseas artisans believing the mysterious beauty and power (25 times stronger than cowhide) could be transmitted into their craft. Egyptians and their pharaohs, Han warriors and Shogun Samurai all recognized the skin's life protecting durability by using them for armor as well as decoration. Other craftsmen through the ages valued the stingray's beauty and fashioned many fashionable commodities from the skin.
The owner of such commodities is reputed to be the beneficiary of the stingray's primitive strength, power, longevity and mythical good fortune. Rojé Leather represents this by inscribing the Chinese “good luck” character inside all of the products. Now, you may be in luck. Rojé stingray leather is debuting now in various boutiques in the United States and a website, ], is available for more background. But these goods really are in limited supply due to the relative availability of stingray within the Asian fishing market. And the distributor may just lurk into deeper, more lucrative channels. So make the most of this opportunity to catch a glimpse of these stunning sea creatures up close, in artistic form, before “this one” gets away.
it is really nice to have read this post, someone who actually thinks about what they are buying, well done you:thumbsup:
Do it, they killed SteveIrwin!!!
my moto is if you can eat it, use it!
Does it matter?
if you like it ... buy it

They arent going to kill the stingray (or cow) just becasue YOU want that item, it's already dead

Does it matter?if you like it ... buy itThey arent going to kill the … Does it matter?if you like it ... buy itThey arent going to kill the stingray (or cow) just becasue YOU want that item, it's already dead

True, but if there is increased demand for a product, this inturn will lead to more animals being killed, so the animal that was used for this wallet wasnt killed for you but u will be responsible for more being killed.

By the way i havent a problem with leather, just thought id explain as im sittin at work not doint much.
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