is it illegal to park opposite a dropped kerb?

Posted 1st Apr 2016
Hi just after a bit of advice please, I've tried to Google it but everything is really old.

My in laws live on a really quiet street but have a steep driveway with a dropped kerb. Recently every time dick and harry have started parking all over the street due to new parking restrictions in the town. They literally leave their cars there and pick up them up at the weekend, Monday morning they are back and stay there all week!

My in laws have a really steep drive and one particular car has parked right opposite the driveway (on the other side of the road) but literally can't get off the driveway.

Also this applies to their next door neighbours, he is terminally ill. He has a driveway which is even steeper but a big 4x4 has blocked his driveway, they can't even get their car off the driveway.

We all seem to miss the owners, they pick up the up very late on a Friday and they are back really early on a Monday morning....

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks
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