Is it illegal to sell a blacklisted phone?

Found 4th Aug 2016
Is it illegal to sell a blacklisted phone?

I saw a listing on cash generator for one:…280
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Call the police....They deserve it for the cheek!
I am not aware that its illegal, check out Bit coin they usually buy anything and if you can show it was used
by a famous person then its values goes up in price.
This is what I thought to be true:

Technically no, it is not illegal to sell a blacklisted for phone for that reason alone. However if the phone has been stolen for example then absolutely!
My understanding is if it's blacklisted and you know about it, you're handling stolen goods
can be blacklisted for other reasons than theft.

1. insurance claim, and subsequently repaired
2. didnt pay contract (civil dispute)

therefore not handling stolen goods
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