Is it just me???

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Found 14th Jun 2006
Does anyone else get miffed about spending time trying to help with Deal Requests and then never hearing another word from the person who has posted the request? Or is it just me being grumpy? :P

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I guess your help was so shockingly good that person is still looking for appropriate words to praise you!

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What? All of them?
Seriously though, wouldn't it be nice if people posted a follow up to say what they had bought?

I expect Kommunist is right lol But I do know what you mean. Quite often you spend a fair while hunting out information for someone and they never return or reply. It doesn't bother me personally, as information can help when searching for deals anyway and other members sometimes join in with even more help that leads on to something else

I agree with Christmasshopper, it seems really ungrateful when people don't een bother to reply to tell you whether they have followed up your suggestion or not.

I agree, it is ungrateful and if that person makes another request, the chances are it'll be ignored by all the good members that have offered their help previously.

Hmmm... I am starting to think that you guys are talking about me? Coz my requests (and even if I post something in hot deals section!) are normally ignored
Just kidding

Hehe you never ignore anything you have an interest in!
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