Is it just me or..............

Found 21st Nov 2006
is…5QI this an inappropriate shape for a kids toy :giggle:
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Why ever would you think that :giggle:
Oh my, how did that get past the developement stage?

"explorer" :thumbsup:
If you look, theres also more of them with different characters :giggle:

I like the fact they interact with you :giggle:
can't help but notice that under the picture it also says 'see larger image' :shock: :lol:
Hmmm, dora the explorer?

I think this may be a toy that the adults can nick! Wonder what happens if you press the buttons?!
Great Product Review:

"Man what a wonderful toy this is. I saw it at toys r us and I knew I just had to buy it for my 7 year old daughter. Upon receiving it she hasn't been able to put it down. Every day she tells me, "Thank you daddy." Let's just say that it gives her hours upon hours of enjoyment. As a matter of fact I find myself having a good time with it as well. I recommend though you buy rechargeable batteries for I notice it requires changing quite frequently. That could just be because my daughter plays with it every night before she goes to bed. Anyway go out a buy this toy now! You won't regret it. I sure haven't. "
It seems to have a grey speed dial in the middle too...
lmao that's funny a toy like that could amuse some for hours and hours..
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