Is it just me or does anyone else miss woollies?

    Recently I have needed stuff and have strugled to know where to go to get it. For instance i wanted a can opener, where do you go to buy can openers...... Woolworths, but nooooooo they are all closed. OR! when im waiting for the bus, what better way to kill time then looking in wollies.

    Its a shame.

    Does anyone else miss their local wollies.



    Can Opener - Any Supermarket

    Kill Time - HMV, Game, Women

    It's just you.

    i do too but there is nothing else in our town. . . . .nothing

    Nah, doesn't bother me .....yet.


    Only time I shopped there was when they were closing down and I was bargain hunting

    Mine still looks the same as before they went bust.

    Tired old shop front and empty. lol

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    lol yes i meant woolies. My little town only really had woolies too and the nearest Tecso was sold out of Can openers

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    Can Opener - Any SupermarketKill Time - HMV, Game, Women

    No HMV, No Game and you would say no to the Women. Apparently my town was voted 3rd in the ugliest women in the UK. lol


    Only time I shopped there was when they were closing down and I was … Only time I shopped there was when they were closing down and I was bargain hunting

    Me too lol, i rarely bought stuff before

    I got all my christmas ressents with 20% off plus 3 for 2

    i still miss going in and looing

    I also miss them, daughter borrowed sewing machine broke all 4 needles, used to get replacements from woolies, has been a pain to try obtain needles.

    I really miss them

    Anyone miss Land of Leather? :oops:


    Anyone miss Land of Leather? :oops:

    dont u mean land of plastic lol:?


    woolies?- who r they?

    i never really went in woolies a whole lot, could always find stuff cheaper.. its was only a quicker way to other shops or if i was bored.


    I TOTALLY miss woolworths !!, I even have dreams that i was still shopping with them (epecially when they had the last week sales!!!)

    I don't miss them but my dad does. I think its more of a generation thing - I get my stuff online and he on the street!

    Depends where you live - though the internet is as big a reason for Woolies closure as any. I live in an area where Woolworths had become redundant. You could buy nearly every item at Tesco if you have one.

    I stopped using Woolworths years back, I used to pop into the Slough branch literally once every six months if I was there - but only to look and see if there were any instore DVD bargains.

    The shops were a mess, prices were uncompetitive. Most of the employees were Orcish, OAP's - or spotty languid teenagers - not being funny but people it seems, just didn't want it anymore.

    Besides, they get all those types working at Tesco's now if they're missed :giggle:

    i miss wollies thought it was good

    Only time i miss Woollies is for the pick n mix and BOGOF drinks before going to the cinema
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