Is it just me or has this black friday been the worst

Posted 2nd Dec
managed to get 1 good deal on some trainers but everything else seems a bit poor
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There was a black Friday event this weekend?
Yes definitely worst ive experienced
I just ignore the whole things. It's a con.
i think this black friday was great, I saved a lot £££.
Lots of bargain to be had if your smart
rimalpatel00702/12/2019 08:54

i think this black friday was great, I saved a lot £££.Lots of bargain to b …i think this black friday was great, I saved a lot £££.Lots of bargain to be had if your smart

And you still managed to save money!!!
Enjoy cyber Monday
Yep, Black Friday this year has been pretty rubbish. Looked for decent deals on good tv, good graphics card, good headphones, mainstream laptop - nada. However, plenty of deals on cheap tat.
BF was only good when Amazon did the real lightning deals. Now all you get on Amazon is price matching other retailers and lightning deals on all the cheap Chinese tat. It looks like Cyber Monday is another damp squib.

Maybe ebay will come to the rescue with a site wide discount.
Yep Black Friday was bad Cyber Monday is even worse.

Was quite a few good deals earlier in the week before Black Friday.

However this Cyber Monday offering are poor.

Zalando have got a mere 15% off an £80 spend

And far fewer reductions on the week leading up to Black Friday they had 70% off plus 10% off code

Nike has 30% off sale plus good reductions in the sale today it’s just 15% off full priced items

Morphe had 25% off working site wide today new 25% off code but doesn’t work in the popular products like the James Charles Palette.

The umidigi phone I‘m after was £80 in a lightening deal a couple of weeks ago on Amazon has only dropped over Black Friday / Cyber Monday to £95 / £90

Build a Bear seems to be doing a decent promo with a couple of bears £8 in store but again pretty limited.

I wish people hadn’t complained when multiple post from Nike and Zalando were appearing as they were actually fantastic offers compared to what’s available now.

There was more available but I held back from posting so as not to spam the site.

Edit I forgot I did manage to grab 6 Qwertee T-shirt’s for £12 delivered and free socks that was pretty good Cyber Monday offer.
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Didn't buy anything but did look at a few random deals on Amazon. Checked them on camelcamelcamel and pretty much every single one ended up being cheaper last Black Friday.
Is it just me, or is the Boxing Day 2019 sale, going to be the most moaned about sale which takes place on Boxing Day in the year 2019?
Actually depends what you wanted. They don't reduce everything so you need to find alternative brands
It's the worst in its, errr, six year history in the UK.
The Nike offers were pretty good. Also a couple of reasonable store-wide discounts like Topman/Topshop 25% and H&M 20%. But not a lot of bargain basement prices, I think the clearance prices will hit in the January sales. Some items that will be bought as Christmas gifts I think retailers know you are getting it as a gift and therefore no reason for them to reduce it before Xmas
The o2 refresh went down well apart from that, the other stuff I kept an eye on didn't budge in price.
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This was the best Black Friday for me.

- £329 iPhone XR (new)
- £50 iPhone SE (refurb as new)
- £1200 Sam Frame 65” (new)
- £450 iPadPro11”(refurb as new)
- + accessories
- + Amazon warehouse picukups

It’s about quality, not quantity!

However, Nike and Adidas were bad this year. Only junk on sale
Black Friday is pretty poor most years in the UK. Retailers generally seem to be running a tighter ship each year; smaller reductions fluffed out with smoke and mirrors advertising. It partly runs off the reputation of the American Black Friday.

A small minority realized this last year, as spending was down 12% in 2018. No idea on this year's figures yet. You'd think retailers might react to that but generally they don't seem that interested and want to pursue smoke and mirrors still.

I've not budged on anything except a PS4 controller for 20GBP - and I'm pretty sure that was a non-intentional mis-price. I was going to easily swayed for some Colour Hue bulbs but Amazon isn't trying at all this year; none of the deals have been remotely tempting - they've not gone anywhere near previous lows and they've mostly been using them as an to attempt to flog their own Amazon devices which I'm not interested in.

For the most part a lot of the pricing dips haven't been that big at all and they're pretty typical any time of year.
The first one when it was Amazon only was good, 2nd one was okay, all others since have been a waste of time.
Good deals on xbox digital, £85 from amazon germany, usual ring 2 BF deals.

Best was the 90 dishwasher tablets
Depends what you were looking for. My general sense was that the deals were better leading up to bf. Cyber Monday always seems to be trash products or little to no discounts. And yet retailers are pointing to billions of pounds spent. Something doesn't add up !;)
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