Is it just me or is freecycle website really slow??

    Its infuriating, takes ages to get on the site, and quite often I get an error page. if it does work it takes about 3 mins to go from one page to the next. its like this in both firefox and chrome. does anyone else experience this?


    No not for me. Well, I hope not. I haven't been on for a week but I'm about to post an offer.

    I'll let you know.

    Which district are you part of?

    Original Poster

    blackpool, its always been slow
    just trying to load it now and getting 502 bad gateway
    its not just blackpool thats slow, iv tried going on other areas and thats the same
    it seems to be ok looking at my ok, or just going on, its as soon as i try and get onto a groups page that it starts being slow, even navigating from google straight to blackpool freecycle takes ages,
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    hmmm. The Leeds one is fine.
    god knows what the problem is.

    Ours is fine at the minute and I am on quite regular as group owner/moderator.

    Could be down to using different servers depending where you are I suppose.
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