Is it just me or is Microsoft rewards down now?

Posted 26th Jun 2022
Trying to do my dailies on MS rewards, but they are not tracking. Can't even get to the daily set. Tried a couple of different laptops, no joy. Is it just me?
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    Been having a few issues witth the Dailys, earlier this week I couldn't get it to work on laptop but did work via the Bing app on Xbox. Also had issues claiming the daily 50 points for achievements which sucked (edited)
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    Anyone had any issues with the Xbox app "play with friends on pc"? Despite going on the usual age of empires lobby it hasnt give the 250 rewards last 2 days...
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    The daily 50pts for an achievement is tracking for me. I must have had 6 or 7 in the last few days and it won't give me the points. Bing search wasn't tracking in the Bing app for Android either. Strangely, I had better luck using Chrome.
    Same with me! Daily achievements haven't earned me 50pts the last two or three days now. It just won't acknowledge them.
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    The daily achievement (50 points) wasn't working for me and still NOT working even after getting an achievement after MS contacted me with a resolution.

    "Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Rewards support.

    We appreciate your report about the issue you’re experiencing with your Achieve more Earn more, Daily Set and/or Weekly Set offers.

    We immediately took action and identified the root cause. A back-end resolution has been applied. You may get back to us with a screenshot of the issue should it remains on your end." (edited)
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    Saves me having to post the question. It looks like MS Rewards is having a few issues, I thought it was Java, but multiple browsers, devices and VPNs still result in a failing to be able to complete rewards. Good to know it's not just me!
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    Yup, not working as supposed.
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    Just the +50 for the achievement here. All the other points are working fine for me.
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    I thankfully did the majority of my points hoarding in the early hours of this morning but I'm having issues with mobile searches tracking and the daily achievement atm and the rewards site is very slow to load for me. Strangley, the little 5 point banners seem to be tracking fine.

    All my apps pinged I'd got my achievement with no delay so it seems it's the Rewards end of things that is struggling to track atm.

    Only advise I can give atm is to keep periodically checking back in and hope it fixes itself before midnight when they reset. If you do lose a bunch of points/a streak because of it you could also try contacting support who may add your lost points back manually as a courtesy.
    How do I contact support? After som googling, I eventually managed to raie a ticket, but no reponse. I've no idea how to get hold of a human.
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    I kept trying and it appears switching my VPN to Canada worked for me... Thankfully I was able to complete all the tasks and it appears I didn't lose a day!
    look out there very active for banning when it comes to redemption if you used vpns at any point
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    Something is up as always with Microsoft. My rewards points not even loading from doing daily tasks. After several times pressing them.
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    Yea been a bit dodgy for the past day or 2. But I keep persisting and have managed to keep my streak going.
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    Yeah really slow, lost my streak yesterday even though I had visited and clicked on links (most of which would not register but a few did).
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    Having to double click to collect the points for a while now but only one has registered this morning so far and at risk of losing my ocd streak
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    no points are registering now weather on pc / phone or on the xbox, on any of my accounts (edited)
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    Xbox is working for daylies only for me nothing else works at all today, which means no Xbox weekly "complete 50 Bing searches"
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    Really temperamental for me yesterday and today. Rewards extension in Edge just won't load. Searches are taking ages to register if at all. Same situation on two different laptops. Seems to be working a bit better via the Bing Android app but still sluggish. Glad to know it's not just me!
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    I am having the same issue, maybe the definition of "friends" has been changed?
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    It's better today for me, searches and daily set on Edge all working normally. However, not getting points for playing with friends on PC and I don't think the 1000 point monthly quest on console actually awarded me the points. So still a bit off.
    Yep I'm getting the exact same issue. Better than yesterday at least.
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    Playing with friends on PC still not getting the points as it should.
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    Looking on Reddit there was reports of issues all over the weekend in America but seems to be sorted now. Mine tracked fine until yesterday so seems the problem has now moved to the UK Fingers crossed they get it sorted soon.
    I believe the issues hit the UK first (going off reddit reports) then effected America the next day.
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    Play with friends is the only thing that remains broke for me. Streak is gone, trouble ticket ignored, but I don't see the point in getting annoyed! Thanks to all for sharing what's going on with you.
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    fixed ? just got my 'Play with friends'
    was after disabling my ad-blocker/deleting cookies mind.
    Still nothing for me. What game did you play as a matter of intrest?
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    Age of empires.
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    Everything is working properly on my account now, including "play with friends on PC".
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    How do I get the app again. Got a new phone and can't remember how I got it
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    My points total suddenly shot up so I guess they added all the missing ones ?
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    Anybody having issues with mobile searches mine has stopped working
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    mine seem fine ... touch wood.
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