is it just me that has to log into quidco twice?

    i have noticed that it never accepts my password the 1st time i always have to log in again,does anyone else have that problem?


    Have you saved an old password in windows ?

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    Have you saved an old password in windows ?

    my password automaticaly comes up both times :?

    Mine is the same. Thought it was just me...

    You usually get asked by windows when signing up/logging in to a site if you want it to remember your password. You'll need to clear your private data in your IE. There should be a password option if you don't want to lose form info and history. Tools......options......privacy

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    but it puts in the same password twice thats what i dont understand

    IE presumably has the right password as it works the 2nd time

    Weird.....don't know then..sorry hun :oops:

    Same here. I have the password saved so I when I double click the username it brings mine up and when I click the username it enters the password but when I try to log in the first time it always says incorrect password / username. When I do it the second time with exactly the same password / username it works. Very strange.


    make sure you click the "Remember Me" option then you will stay logged in forever. After all, your password isnt exactly secure if windows remembers it. Hope you dont do that for banking sites etc.
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