Is it legal to sell my copy of Windows Vista Ultimate?

    Hi, my DELL vostro laptop came with a genuine version of Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit. I've got the CD, COA and booklet.

    I think I might reinstall my old version of XP or move on to Windows 7.

    Am I allowed to sell this OEM copy of vista ultimate on ebay? It has been activated but obviously if I sell it I would wipe my computer of it.

    Please could someone advise! Thanks.


    It should be legal if no there are no active computers using the same activation, even if you still kept it on your computer, it would be very hard for them to do anything about it.

    By installing and activating the software you agree to the terms of its license agreement, and you'll find that the OEM license agreement denies you the right to transfer your license to another party and another user. Thus, although it's not strictly illegal, reselling would constitute breach of contract for which Microsoft could sue you for in civil court.

    They probably owuldn't, though. Sell away


    i have bought them before and phoned microsoft to get it activated so cant see the problem

    It might not work on another computer, being oem n all.

    Legally you cannot sell it (not without the motherboard anyway). As matt says, if its Dell OEM it may also not work on a different system. I'd have thought an ebay listing would get pulled but it may not, certainly not allowed to sell it here however.

    agree with most of above. Is it illegal - no, Is it a breach of Microsofts EULA - yes.

    If used on only one computer as a fresh install should be fine .

    The OEM version of Windows is only EVER allowed to be installed on ONE computer.

    When the computer dies the version of Windows dies.

    If you try to install it on another computer and then try to activate it you will probably fail the activation.

    So if we are sticking by the Microsoft rules it is ILLEGAL to sell an OEM version of Windows that has already been installed on another PC.

    Remember that the SUPPORT for OEM software comes from the person who built the laptop (Dell etc). The support for the RETAIL version comes from Microsoft.

    That is why OEM versions are cheaper than Retail versions.

    Original Poster

    Good to know! Thanks everyone. Will leave rep..

    I currently have one machine with a genuine version of XP (OEM) and one with a genuine version of VISTA (OEM). I might try switching them as I would prefer to have XP on the machine I use most. Should be ok I reckon from what everyone's said and if there's a problem I'm assuming I can just switch them back?

    if you have any hassle from MS just tell them that you are replacing your motherboard due to failure, they wont refuse.
    In terms of the law, a copyright owner looses the power to control the reselling of their products once the product has left the retail chain. IE, once you have bought it, you can sell it on without fear, remember its to be used on one computer at a time.
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