Is it me, or are laptops currently overpriced?

    I have been looking at laptops for the past month, and can't seem to find a decent laptop for a relatively cheap price.

    Should I be waiting for mis-prices, or waiting for companies to lower their price? I expected there to be a couple of January sales, but only saw 1, the Samsung recently posted. The O/S is not a problem to me as I can download Windows 7 for free off MSDN.

    Looking for:
    Core2Duo 2ghz+
    3/4gb ram
    decent graphics
    160gb+ hard drive

    Only thing I can find is this:…nre


    over priced?,
    a thousand times more power than a supercomputer of a decade ago in a briefcase size box all for a mere £500.. BARGAIN u tightwad
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