Is it me or are the January sales rubbish this year?

    Hardly anything is significantly cheaper than before christmas, other than dvds or cd's, which have just returned to their pre-pre-christmas cheapness, having had their price articficially inflated for the silly season.

    What's the best deals people have seen?


    Not you, they are, in fact....rubbish. 100% agree with you. The only stuff that seems to be on sale is complete carp that the shops want rid off quick. All the decent stuff is down by maybe a quid or 2, nothin more.

    Quite right a load of rubbish the sales were far better before xmas , may be thay have sold most of there stock

    yeah the only thing i managed to get cheap is a jacket for £22 down from £100 at topman just a couple hours ago online.

    ive been in boots and got a few half price toys, wasnt much there tho

    Kids have loads of toys r us vouchers and there sale is rubbish this year.

    Yes i have yet to find a bargin.:x

    defo a load of rubbish i have £140 bday and crimbo money to spend and 25 pounds hmv vouchers but havent spent any of it

    Is it me or do people say this every january?

    I'm disappointed too. Seems to be lots of hype but none of the stuff I really wanted is discounted. Was after a new business laptop but no discounts to those I had an interest in. Really, a £1100 unit must have some scope for discount? All the discounted ones seem to be built-to-a-price home use or over-priced blue-ray machines. A number of other things I would have liked remain exactly the same price or small saving on RRP. Many of the clothes sales are winter stock they sell off as usual and it's already over-priced anyway e.g. 'Burton's £30 shirt, sale price £15 (the same as a supermarket comparitive quality non-sale price) and it costs them about 50p each from China anyway! There are a few good discounts but most of it is more like a realistic price anyway.


    "I remember when you could get £800 of a £900 dress in the sales"

    "I remember getting a TV for 3p reduced from £5,000 in the sales"

    "I remember when it was all fields round here and the Queen of Our Hearts, Princess Diana was still alive"

    The January sales are always, have always been and will always be rubbish.

    You would expect in times when most shops are struggling there would be more incentives to draw the costomers in, they did this before xmas .All i can say is hold on to your money till you find what you want at the right price

    It's Been A Load Of Old Rubbish!
    I Got A Good Bargin In Woolworths - 60% Off All Cards - But That's Just Because There Closing Down.
    Not Because It Was A Normal Shop Sale.

    Haven't Really Found Anything This Year Apart From Some Half Price Stuff From The Body Shop.
    Bit Dissapointed.

    All ive seen are 'gift sets' - ugh!

    On HUKD we get bargains all year round!

    i blame sky news and bbc news 24 for pimping the sales every single 15 minutes, like every store was selling free stuff.

    Got my eyes on Laptops and Sketchers shoes, a few other things. Not one item I have been looking at has dropped in price.

    Got my eyes on Laptops and Sketchers shoes, a few other things. Not one item I have been looking at has dropped in price.

    defo getting worse most stores including designer would mark everything down by 50% now you are lucky to see a 20% deduction rubbish
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