Is it me or is everyone selling there Nokia 5800 on here?

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Found 9th Mar 2009
Seems like loads of people are selling them on here recently and also on ebay ..
Anyone know why there getting rid?


lol yeah I was thinking that too. credit crunch etc etc

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yeah seems like their taking the phone out with the cheapest tarrif then selling the phone and getin the contract for next to nothing..

I think it's partially that a lot of people are buying them therefor there's a higher proportion of people selling them. Also I guess some people were expecting a more Iphone like interface when it's pretty much just S60 (for better or worse).


I've got one and I love it!

Its a superb for - it has it's down sides, but for less than 1/3 of the price of the iphone. I'm extremely happy.

It's essentially a Nokia deep down - it can do everything you expect a phone to do at its core - text, call, mms, video calling, forward texts/mms, call logs etc. some features which are missing on the iPhone - and which i cannot survive without, although there are additional applications you can install to add these features - that would be too much messing around to get a phone in a usable state.

And on top of these core features it's got the extra touchscreen, web. music etc. stuff that you expect from a smartphone.

It really is superb - and it's not even an n-series web browsing phone, it's just a music phone.

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Yeah my mum has it , took a while to get used to though ( not techno minded and very, i mean very impatient.

i had one but decided to stick to my iphone the only thing thats missing is bluetooth but i never used it anyway
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