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I have been separated from my husband for 5 years my partner has been separated from his wife for over two. For those of you who remember my thread about getting back with my first love, here's the next big step.
Anyways he has asked me to marry him and I have accepted!!!! We both obviously still need to get divorced but we see it as a promise to each other to get married when all is sorted and settled.
Is it ok to get engaged whilst still legally married?



nothing in law about an engagement so do what you like

No,nothing in the law about this not being allowed, so I guess it's down to morels. imo you should both be divorced before getting engaged to marry someone else.

Go ahead - you have been apart long enough to be deemed seperated. And as you say its a promise for you both. Not anyone elses business.

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oh congratulations, I remember your thread, so so lovely it's working out for you, I think you should go for it, in my experience divorces are never very nice even if amicable and you'll have something nice going on to sweeten any bitterness along the way.

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Thanks guys. Me so happy and its fast i know but we have a long wait before divorces kids settled etc before we want to get married Im over the moon x

Not meaning to sound harsh, but engagements don't mean jack in law as far as I'm aware. Go for it though.

congrats :-)

firstly congratulations , hope all goes well for you and your future hubby , and an engagement is not legally binding , no signing papers, vows nothing its just a commitment between two people, so just enjoy and dont worry x
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