Is it ok to cancel car insurance within 14 days of purchase? Does it reflect bad on history?

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Found 25th Jul 2014
We got a car insurancefew days ago and got a much better quote now from Aviva with better cover etc. Is it ok to cencel first one- without affecting the history. Cancellation of first one is only charged prorata per day with 14 days.


it's fine to cancel and it's what the 14 day cooling off period is for.


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Aviva...good luck with that..:(

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Aviva...good luck with that..:(

Why?? You did not have a good exp with them?

you sure its only a pro-rata charge? Every policy I have seen charge an admin fee as well otherwise people requiring short term insurance would just take out annual ones and cancel them

+1 on aviva being cheap for a reason! oO
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