Is It Ok To Stand 360 Up

    I Currently Have My 360 Standing Upwards Is This Ok?



    Uh, yeah you can of course.

    its recommended to have it stood upright as cools quicker and draws the air in faster

    it is but if u can put it horizontally this is much better as it is less prone to falling i had to learn that the hard way though

    You'll grind the discs more easily when its standing upright, learnt that the hard way.

    if you stand it up you can't eat your dinner on it

    learnt that the hard way

    i killed loads of games having it stood up the slightest movement n games have a lazer burn in them !

    I've always had mine lying down. Just safer all round really. The cooling thing is aload of tosh.



    yeah course you can.. you never seen an xbox stand in game or anything? they are always upright.

    if you stand it up it's smaller than the ps3

    i learnt that the hard way



    It's not a laser burn, muppet. Do you think knocking it makes the laser … It's not a laser burn, muppet. Do you think knocking it makes the laser 10 times more powerful or something, it catches and get's physically marked when knocked.Also Laser, we're not in America.

    You're an angry boy aren't you.

    just dont be a noob and move the xbox whilst a game is in it or its on.

    Oh noes my disc has a big ring scratched on the underside
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