Is it ok to talk to a witness? Rep given to all helpful replies!

    I was in a collision two weeks ago, I was stationary and the other guy was speeding and lost control, smashing into me. I was told on Saturday by the police that I was the injured party. Yesterday they phoned me to say that the other driver had said I pulled out in front of him, causing the accident, so I have to go and give another statement.

    Tonight whilst shopping, a woman approached me and said that she was one of the witnesses to the accident, and asked how I was. She has already given her statement to the police. She said she was able to see the entire front of my car, and I hadn't been either moving or over the white lines.

    I have to go to the police station on Saturday and don't know if I was ok to talk to the witness tonight, so I don't know if I can mention it or not. I have heard of peopel getting into bother for interfering with a witness but she had already given her statement, I wasn't asking her to say anything on my behalf.

    Sorry for asking for advice again, but does anyone have any advice for me? Cheers.


    Don't talk to anyone that is a *witness*. Leave it to the lawyers, you could compromise your situation.

    you should be ok as she is a witness for you, not the third party


    interfering with witnesses is totally different .. just tell the old bill what you saw, heard and did , and mention that you were approached by the woman


    interfering with witnesses is totally different .. just tell the old bill … interfering with witnesses is totally different .. just tell the old bill what you saw, heard and did , and mention that you were approached by the woman

    +1 If u tell the police at the begining that a witness to it approached u and then tell them all she said, as she has already given her statement they would be understanding and happy u were honest

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    Cheers dog cop, you are a star, i was hoping one of the coppers who post here would be able to give me an answer

    Rep for all xx

    same as the last post re this.....just tell the truth, any lies will just make it look like your hiding something...good luck

    Yeh as above really, as long as you are honest - you never approached the witness. Hows it going now Tess - did it go ok with police?

    it can be classed as interfearing a police matter so dont bother tbh :thumbsup:

    dont worry it wont make any difference. I was half expecting the other driver to sat something like this. The CPS will go with the independant witness every time

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    Thanks a million for the replies

    Bargainhunter things went well with the police on Saturday, they told me I was the injured party and had nothign to worry about, which is why I was surprised to get that phone call last night.

    Thnaks for the reply ADZ, would it be usual practice for me to be brought in for a tapoed interview on the other driver's say so? And is it ok for me to mention o the police that the witness told me I wasn't over the line?

    I know that I didn't do anything wrong but I still can't help worrying, I've never been in an accident or had any dealings with the police before, and it's really scary!!

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    Sorry, I've thought of another question too.

    This interview on Saturday is going to be taped so I'm assuming it's being treated more seriously than the interview last week, would I be well advised to get a solicitor?

    to be honest, based on what the other driver said straight after the accident, I'm not overly surprised you are being inteviewed on tape. It is sometimes easier than conducting the interview contemporaneously - which takes ages.
    Just tell the truth and try and recall all of the incident. take your time before answering and be as sure as you can be. If you didnt move forward, say so during the interview.
    Dont worry about the witness thing. It is not relevant as her statement has already been given.
    The CPS may well have requested that both parties be interviewed. You will probably be cautioned and told that the facts will be reported at the end. Again dont worry this is usual practice
    Its up to you if you want a solicitor, they are there to make sure you are interviewed in accordance with PACE. It is unlkely that a decision will be made there and then, so you may have a bit of a wait to find out whats going on due to the CPS workload etc, and waiting for all of the witnesses to complete statements
    let me know if you need anything else

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    You're a star ADZ xxx
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