Is it okay to mention deals in MISC section that are from US websites?

    I posted a deal from a very large musical instrument manufacturer but it was pulled as the website has a US physical address.
    Is it okay to mention this deal in the MISC section? I understand why its not allowed in the Deals section as its too much hassle for mods to check the credentials of every US site that would get posted.

    The companys website lists prices in pounds, euros and dollars and they have a UK subsidiary from which I presume the products are shipped. Shipping costs are too low to come from the US and they are unlikely to sell products direct from the US due to tax and duty.
    They are a very large company in their field on the scale of Yamaha so people who know this area would appreciate what a good deal it is which is why I am making the effort to publicize it.


    If the retailer is listed on hukd you can post the deal. If not, then pm a mod.

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    If the retailer is listed on hukd you can post the deal.

    It's already been listed and pulled so it's defintely not on the HUKD list; read my first post.

    I think you can post pretty much anything legal in MISC. That is what it is here for.
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