Is it possible...

    to get a new blu ray player without having to get a new home cinema system? At the min I got a LG surround sound system with all the wee wire going in the back of the dvd player. But thinking of upgrading to blu ray as prices get cheaper. Is this possible? Many thanks


    yes should not be a problem, as long as the wiring connectors are exactly the same compatability with the new blu ray player... its only the sound you want to connect right?

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    cool thanks for the quick response. Quite hard to find a standalone blu ray atm because most come with all the speakers

    hmm depends.. wat have you got your speakers connected as, directly to the DVD then you are using the DVD player AMP I guess. Unless your Sub has the AMP built it.. If its a Bd player, then you might have Audio as optical, HDMI or similar or unless the BD player has a good enough AMP built in, then you may be able to connect the speakers directly. It just depends on your current set up!! You may want to check up on what sound quality is support!!
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