Is it possible?

    I currently weigh 14.5 stone.

    Would ideally like to weigh 13ish stone or at least lose my belly.

    Anyone know the best diet to try? Gonna start the gym on monday - treadmills/bikes etc and then weights later on once ive lost weight.

    i was thinking maybe a calorie controlled diet - allowing my self 1500 cals a day?


    i lost 1 stone in 1 month on slimming world alst year. Joining again next week. I love it!

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    would that mean goin to groups??

    Lots of sex...........great for burning it off. :thumbsup:


    would that mean goin to groups??

    last year I went to group, this year Im joining online

    good old english food just dont eat all the processed c**p believe it or not if you have cream instead of milk and fry ups etc you will burn fat instead of carbs only do for 2 weeks though to start you off and then you can start to add extras no potatoes bread or biscuits allowed though and it does work i know a fella that has done it for 2 weeks and he lose 1 stone 5lbs and he could even still have big macs but in lettuce leaves instead of bread. goodluck.

    of course it is mate, hit the treadmill, look up "high intensity interval training" hit the rower, bike less…4Z4

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    last year I went to group, this year Im joining online

    Will look into this


    Drink water 3 ltr a day

    Drink loads of beer instead. You won't get any thinner, but you will stop worrying about it:thumbsup:

    >Gonna start the gym on monday - treadmills/bikes etc and then weights later on once ive lost >weight.

    Dont fall for the "joining the gym" scam.

    Just go for a 30 minute brisk walk outdoors each day, and maybe swimming couple of times a week at your local council pool, and that will help.

    No need to spend £50 a month to join a gym full of poseurs. Anyway most people who join a gym give up after 2 months but find they have signed up for a year and are stuck paying for it.


    try to accept whatever size you are and be happy

    theres too much social pressure to be slim nowadays
    being fat used to be a sign of prosperity



    would that mean goin to groups??

    If thats you in the pic, i think your scales aren't working!.


    Ok are you male/female? What's your height? Have you checked out BG1's … Ok are you male/female? What's your height? Have you checked out BG1's fitness thread? Seriously, there's some good advisors in there:thumbsup:

    Surely the fact that he 'wants to be 13 stone' give it away? :whistling:


    try to accept whatever size you are and be happy :)theres too much social … try to accept whatever size you are and be happy :)theres too much social pressure to be slim nowadaysbeing fat used to be a sign of prosperity

    'Used to be' is the key to that sentence. Things have evolved over the last 600 years!

    Stop eating and live off your fat until you get to your target weight.
    Only drink water and have vitamin pills. You should last a while.

    i posted this a while back: i lost 5 stones

    Firstly and most importantly I had lots of motivation. My dad passed away with diabetes and renal failure due to poor diet/health/lifestyle. When he passed away it really motivated me to do something about myself I was obese and heading for trouble too. He always used to tell me to look after myself and not get ill like him. So firstly if you are serious about loosing allot of weight then I believe you need a motivational factor; maybe kids or a dress you want to fit into! Next was the diet. My diet was a calorie controlled diet with integrated exercise. I gave my self a range of between 1000 and 1200 calories per day essentially halving the RDA. I know it seems a bit drastic but I did consult my doctor and he said it was okay if done sensibly. He also told me the most important factor in this diet would be water! It was fairly easy to adjust to the diet, the first month was hard because my body was not used to the reduced calories. I also went for a daily 30 min jog/run 4 times a week. I drank about 9/10 glasses of water per day. (Water also quenches hunger) and my skin has also improved (no more teenage spotty skin) In the diet I ate a wide range of foods within 1200 calories; including healthy snacks / wholegrain Kellogg cereals / protein meats / boiled vegetables etc. I ate at regular intervals - its recommended to eat /snack every 3/4 hours. With this diet all you have to do is look on the back of the food pack and see how many calories are in there. Its not hard at all, I can now tell you calories off by heart in almost every food. LOL I even had days off where I would treat myself to a burger or a naughty kebab once a week. I reckon prior to the diet I used to eat about 3500 calories a day without any proper exercise! I am nearly at my target weight now so I will then stick to my 2500 calories and below RDA and keep the exercise up for life! Remember to weigh yourself weekly not daily. Thats it if you want any other info or advice just PM me. I am not a weight loss counsellor or qualified in any such thing. Also remember to consult your doctor too.

    Eat sensibly and exercise more.


    or a dress you want to fit into!

    Ha I think he is a man... LOL

    There is nothing wrong with the gym like some have said here but find a friendly and most importantly LOCAL one. The nearer it is, the more likely you are to go, especially on a dark winter night when it's easier to make excuses NOT to go.
    Discuss your targets with the instructor on your induction and they should tailor a programme to fit your needs. I'm guessing mostly cardio to start with - bike, rowing machine and cross trainer etc Joining the classes e.g. aerobics or spin cycle can help you keep MOTIVATED later on which is the key.
    I go to the gym about twice a week and swim after to loosen up. 10 mins in the hot tub soothes aching muscles too. I combine it with swimming at least 3 times pw and go hiking 6-12 miles in Kent a lot too.

    It's important to find something you enjoy - walking, swimming, cycling, squash even as you're more likely to maintain it. Go with a mate for the social aspect too :-D

    As for diet, stay of the junk, cut down the booze and you'll be fine, avoid the fads.

    Good luck :thumbsup:

    I was 16st 10lb about maybe 2 1/2 years ago.

    Joined Tesco Diets for 10 weeks and through eating alone, got down to 14st.

    I've since crept back up to 14st 10lb, so going to think about cutting down on stuff.

    ya know.............i can eat what i like and don't put any weight on


    Lots of sex...........great for burning it off. :thumbsup:

    +1 lol

    Just take up an extra activity that you don't usually do.. go swimming every sunday morning, take a longer walk to anywhere you have to go. Run up stairs instead of using the lift. If you drive to the supermarket, dump the car a mile away. So long as you're eating sensibly, ie, ixnay chocolate, high GI foods, keep an eye on your carb instake, and ALCOHOL of course, along with coffee etc, it should have a good effect.

    Just stop eating bread and anything cakey.

    I used Weightwatchers for 2 years and went from 17stn 9 oz to 13stn 7oz

    In the same boat as you matey, and i fully agree with Danny_D, I was 15 st 2 (i'm 20, male and 6 foot) a month ago,
    now i'm 14 stone 2.

    I lost 1 stone in a month just by monitoring my calorie intake, thats it, still ate whatever foods i liked, just made sure i stuck within my set calorie limit (1500 for me)

    I don't get the alcohol thing, i never gain weight when i drink.

    i'm usually on vodka and diet cokes to be fair, but yesterday i was on champagne and blue VS's (cheap wkd) and i came back a pound lighter... (after a fair few cups of water so its not dehydration)

    I go to a proper slimming clinic which is run by a consultant, and yes, take the 'dreaded slimming pills' (not xynycol or whatever they're called).
    I've never been great on diets as I lose interest really fast if I don't lose quick enough. Before anyone jumps on me, this is properly medically supervised with blood pressure checks fortnightly. I have a one on one consult with him and discuss any probs I'm having. I've had blood sugar checks, cholesterole checks and best of all I lose on average 4-6 lbs a fortnight.
    I personally find it easier to lose it quicker so i see the result quicker, then work hard at keeping down with proper excercise. Completed a 21 mile bike ride last year but can't shift the 'baby weight'. PM me if you want more info.


    Lots of sex...........great for burning it off. :thumbsup:

    That was going to be my suggestion too - proven to work :thumbsup:

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    Starting monday here what i got.

    Calorie intake of 1500.
    do atleast 30mins of exercise 4 times a week.
    Do weights (dumbells for time being)
    drink water, plenty water.

    reckon thats all good?


    Don't do a planned "diet" - they are all **** and unless you exercise, there's no point

    I lost a stone and a half over the past 9 months through eating a few less cakes a week and going from no exercise at all to getting some form of exercise everyday.

    We bought a puppy which meant that everyday I was out walking for at least 30-45 minutes. I still eat a lot of **** and have never really cut back, other than not eating a cake / chocolate bar everyday.

    Exercise is the main thing here. I can't stress that enough. You can do all the stupid diets you want but they ultimately won't work and there's no fun in it.

    I see fat women at work who spend a fortune on Slimming World and Weight Watchers and all they do is moan all day that they can only have 1 grain of cereal or 4 tomatoes in a day. And they never lose any weight because the stress of the diets causes them to binge drink and eat.

    As long as you aren't eating like a fat pig, exercise daily and you'll lose weight. It's SO easy. Instead of watching a half hour TV show, go outside and take a 30 minute walk. Trust me, I am living proof that this works. You don't need to spend a fortune on a gym membership, all you need is your own two legs and a pair of comfy shoes.

    Go on, give it a go

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    Have to say - im starving lol

    still got 400 calories left for rest of day


    Have to say - im starving lolstill got 400 calories left for rest of day … Have to say - im starving lolstill got 400 calories left for rest of day

    i've just had a muffin that was 495 calories :whistling:

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    i've just had a muffin that was 495 calories :whistling:




    i know , and that didn't include the custard :?

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    i know , and that didn't include the custard :?


    im saving my last 400 for trifle

    i had a thread on here a few weeks back. I started on a Diet on New Years Day. Started off at 186.5 LBS (13 ST 4.5 LBS) and here we are, 6 weeks later at 173.5 LBS (12ST 5.5) And all ive done is the low calorie diet and a jog round the block once or twice a week)

    Im a 32 year old male, 5 foot 9. I Usually sit between having 1500 and 1700 calories a day at the minute and dont eat anything different really than before. Just eat less of it. (Alright, ive subbed beer at the weekends for Vodka and diet coke or Vodka and Sugar Free Red Bull and cut out cakes and biscuits) but thats it.

    As for the motivation, the competition in itself to get to where you want to be is enough for me. I have a spreadsheet with a target weight on, weigh myself every wednesday and saturday and plot away accordingly! Ahead of target at the minute so all is good!

    Good luck!

    Good Luck vengod - sounds like you are doing really well so far

    When I started working out - I didn't start a calorie controlled diet so I was wasting my time - and not losing weight. It's great that you did them both at the same time.
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