Is it possible to add a sub to the Gigaworks T40s??

    As title really, I'm on the look out for some decent PC speakers that aren't going to break the bank. Was thinking of spending around £50-£60 and had originally planned to get the Creature IIs but after some research, it seems these are trumped by various Creative & Logitech set-ups.

    I like the sound of the z-4s but am worried by the low power figures that they won't be sufficient for me as I like music to be bass heavy so to speak and also the reviews that seem to mention a complete lack of mid-range almost.

    With that in mind I was thinking of the T40s as these get decent reviews on the bass side considering there is no sub and then adding a sub to them if possible. As you may have gathered from reading up to here I know little on the subject of PC set-ups, more car set-ups, so have no idea if this would be possible and if so, would it sound good as I do like to hear my music clearly but also a bit heavy on the bass side.

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