Is it possible to buy a more powerful battery for my mobile phone?

    Hi, just bought a new Nokia 6220 Classic .

    One of the main complaints of the phone is that the battery life is meant to be poor, but i charge my phone overnight everynight anyway.

    Just wondering though, is there any where i could by a new and more powerful battery for the 6220 classic?

    And does anyone have any experience of putting a more powerful battery into their phone?


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    Battery that comes with the phone is 900mah but Ive found the likes of these 1000mah batteries-



    Would they be safe to use and not break the phone in any way?

    they wouldnt really be safe as some fake batterys can blow up literally

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    lol, just ordered one!

    lol whered u get it from ?

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    Amazon! Cost me £6 from one of the sellers.

    I'm sure it will be fine

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    Where can i get batteries that strength then? And are theones on amazon safe to use?

    i dont trust it
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